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    I recently installed a sound recording app that maxed out my memory and caused the endless loop to occur. At the time I didn't know what to do so I reset while hitting the power button and then hit the up key to erase all data. i assumed that I would get all of my sms's, pictures, ect restored to my phone when I hotsynched as they are all secure on my computer. However, all I got was my adgendus data and a few of the programs I installed, and adgendus is showing as being unregistered. Any ideas?

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    I was not aware that a hotsync would even restore the data after you did a hard reset. I wasn't able to find this solution in the manual but I had to replace my treo for the third time. I don't have any experiance with agendus but I use Ultrasoft Money that requires a reistration. All I did was to copy the backup directory for my user (can't remember the path off the top of my head) then I ereased my user account and started a new one with the same name. I then used the install tool and went oveš
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    My last post was cut off. Anyways, I then went over to the copied backup directory and installed all of the prc's though in this case I either wouldn't install the bad one or I would not run anything and then uninstall it right away. Then just hotsync and my Treo looked and acted exactly as the last one did. Though I did have to to the pictures directory and put them in the upload folder.

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