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    Feel free to point me to the answer if it has already been said, but I haven't seen it.

    I currently have firmware 1.05 on Cingular. I have some questions regarding an upgrade to version 1.21:

    • Will future Cingular updates be affected? My phone is not unlocked.
    • Will DUN be available after the update? It is not available now.
    • Anything else specific to upgrading a Cingular T650 that I should know?

    I don't really mind waiting for the official one; I'm just curious and I especially would like to unlock DUN.

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    DUN will be available, since 1.21 is a ROW firmware version, and thus free of the artificial constraints imposed by CNG. You will lose the Cingular splash screens, and the XpressMail download stub application, but that's about the only visible difference. Oh, and you'll be prompted for your default language when you do a hard reset, since this is an international firmware.

    It's possible that applying this update may prevent you from applying any future CNG updates. That will depend on whether the official updates check which version is currently currently installed before allowing the update to procede. The beta versions do not, but it's possible that production versions may.
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