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    Everytime I get my mail in Versamail my phone resets itself. I am currently overseas and HAVE to get my email. What's going on and how do i fix it?

    oh yeah, it is a cingular Treo 650.

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    Not every time, but I have that sometimes too (new user). Snapper has been suggested as more "stable", which I think means it doesn't cause THIS! Hopefully you can browse to and get the SW.

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    WorsaMail bites another unsuspecting user.

    Sorry man, but you're going to have to do some manual cleanup, because something has gotten screwed. IIRC, there's a page on PalmOne's site that details which files you need to delete when this happens. (Testimony to the fragility of VersaMail in itself!) It's been mentioned in serveral threads here if you can't find it. Unfortunately, there are so many threads about VersaMail chrashes that it may be hard to find the right one. :/

    As oldmike has suggested, the best solution is to abandon that POS and download the trial version of Snapper ( or Chatter (, especially if email is mission-critical to you.
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    snappermail does not support activesync however

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    This is Kevin from palmOne. This could be happening because one of your VersaMail databases has become corrupt. You can find the procedure for the Versamail fix here.
    Hope that helps.

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