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    Was thinking of buying the HS850 on Ebay. The prices look pretty good.

    Looking at Ebay, there appear to be different versions of this model? If so, which is the appropriate one for the Treo 650?

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    their not real 850
    their taiwan look alikes
    my brother bought one

    it still works pretty well though
    he likes it
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    I have bought 2 back in January and they work fine. The only difference is that they have European plugs on the charger but they provide the convertors to N.A. plugs.
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    I bought two from Dan's cellular on eBay, they are the US version (US plugs etc.) and work just fine.
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    Might want to check this out before you buy...
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    Thanks for the thread pointer, Jbroad... I am not having any of those problems, but then again, I'm using the HS850 with a Treo 600 via a Jabra A210 Bluetooth adapter. Works perfectly. Sounds like there are issues with the 650... Me, I'm just waiting for the 700!

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