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    1) I was walking with a client of mine after a closing yesterday, both of us getting a new phone call every minute. He kept pulling his phone off his holster to connect the call to his wired headset all while trying to juggle a briefcase, diet coke and a cigarette. He then had to either hold his phone or take it back out of his holster to end calls (many land line originated calls do not hang up themselves). All the while being frustrated with untangling himself from his headset wire.

    In contrast I had the same gear, briefcase, diet coke and a cigarette and was picking up calls by tapping the button on my HBH-660 leaving my phone in its pouch. My client noticed the contrast quite quickly as well and left on his way to go buy a Bluetooth phone and headset.

    2) A friend of mine calls me late in the work day to go and hit some balls at the range. Off we go at about 3:30. A few minutes after we got settled in our booths, the cell phone start ringing. Tap I go to my 660 as I drive a ball 250yds plus to the fence. Blah, blah, blah your interest rate is great WHACK!! Blah, blah, blah sure we can close next week WHACK!!! Of course my friend hasn't even got a single ball off because he sittin there on his phone.

    3) Driving in the car. This is self explanatory and I'm sure there is no need to remind everyone how driving with a wired headset is so last year.

    How has bluetooth been in your life?

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