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    to 6.7 - Adds the ability to set the dirty/secret flags for records.
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    Thanks for the headsup.
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    I imagine 'secret' is like a hidden files in windoze. Does 'dirty' mean the file has been changed? Since when, and how does it differ fromt he backup flag?

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    Great. Thanks.
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    The changes adjust properties of individual records within a database, not the database itself. (There already is a hidden bit for the database.)

    I doubt it's useful to more than a handful of people, and you kind of need to know what you're doing first anyway.
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    Wow!! This new version has an awesome feature that probably few know about. After expanding to show all my applications, I can then highlight a file (eg: Address, Contacts, etc), and then press SEND, and a menu comes up for how you wish to send the file. The different ways of sending are: Beam, Bluetooth, SnapperMail, VersaMail.

    Since I use SnapperMail as my preferred email method, I choose SnapperMail, and the highlighted file automatically attaches itself to a new email messages. I simply email it to myself (or whomever), and then open the attached file. After opening attachment, the file then goes into the Palm Desktop Install Tool, so it's ready to install on the next Hotsynch action. I emailed myself files to my own email address to a 2nd desktop computer and 2nd Palm unit, and the entire file got transferred correctly to my other Palm handheld unit...very cooooool!!
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    I am trying to work out the difference between FileZ and Uninstall Manager. Do I need both? What are the features that one has that the other doesn't?
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    Filez is a file manager like Windows Explorer. While you can delete files with it, it doesn't show you all of the files an app might use.
    Uninstall Manager monitors the installation of apps and tracks all of the files installed by a particular app. If you then want to uninstall an app, Uninstall Manager will find all of the related files and delete them for you.
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    Thanks Zane. You helped me with my FileZ confusion.
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    Are these essentially the same (except price)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wink40
    Are these essentially the same (except price)?
    Essentially. Resco certainly looks nicer. It also had a zip utility built in. Some other things as well, that I'm forgetting off the top of my noggin' The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Stupid moment here: In FileZ - how/where do I see what version number it is?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiffany
    Stupid moment here: In FileZ - how/where do I see what version number it is?
    You have to be out of the file manager view in the main view, then hit menu or tap on the word FileZ and select about FileZ.

    You know you are in main view when you have three boxes with the choices, View and Edit Files, Information and View Preferences. It is the same screen as the one with free memory, battery and PalmOS version at the bottom.

    Hope this helps.

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