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    Good day,
    Before purchasing my T600 I had a TE and with the Palm Desktop there was an Expense Softaware included. I was using tha software because it was enough for my needs. I made a backup of my data. Unfortunetly, this software is not included with the T600 Desktop. My question is to find out if it is possible to use the same Expense software with the T600 ? Or what is my best option to be able to recover my data. I have to say that I sold my TE and discs so I have no access to the files anymore.
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    I use splash money for things like trips, but pocket quicken is the best. It not keeps all your records, but syncs with quicken on my laptop.
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    ExpenseRex is free and a simple expense program like the one that used to be included.
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    Thanks for the hint.

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