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    i have 4 profiles created...

    1. work
    2. normal
    3 night
    4 cradle

    first 3 are set as triggers (At time of Day) work great

    Cradle is set as when plugged in / plugged out. but it is inconsistent.. works some days and doesnt on others...

    But the funny part is as a test i did this...
    > if i turned ON without the cable, i see the notifier "WORK"
    > then plug in my after market usb cable and see the notifier does kick in again
    >but still shows "WORK" instead of "CRADLE" it is like it recognise that power mode changed but iut forgets to switch to cradle....

    and i have also noticed that
    > sometimes it starts working on its own...
    > sometimes needs to be close to 99% power to kick in
    > sometimes doesnt even kick in if it is at 100% power
    > sometimes if i go into the triggers open it and save it withouht changing anything it starts working then....

    Anyone have any clues???? love the app and dont want to look for another alternate. i know Milan frequents this forum so might be able to look it up and see if there is something obvious in the scenarions mentioned above....
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    give profilemanager a try, available at
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    I don't see that app there. I see Profiles, and ProfileCare, but not ProfileManager. (??)

    I wonder if the USB charge cable doesn't provide a high enough charge rate for Profiles to recognize it's plugged in. I don't know how Milan is detecting the plugged in state, but have you tried it with the regular charger?

    Edit: I just got back to my office and tried it with my official P1 cradle, and it works fine. Set's my "cradle" profile on plug in, returns to the prior profile on unplug. I don't have any timed profiles, however.

    Re-reading what you wrote above, I think I was probably off the mark in my first response. It sounds like Profiles is recognizing the connection, but the timed profile is over-riding the event profile.
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    meyerweb, i have had success with the crade profile but it is intermittent is what the issue is.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb
    I don't see that app there. I see Profiles, and ProfileCare, but not ProfileManager. (??)
    Sorry, I meant profilecare
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