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    hey guys i have a question. i just bought ringo pro for my treo 600 and want to install from midi ring tones i also bought, but can't figure out how to use ringo to install the ring tones. can some one provide me with some help please
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    I think you need to email the files to yourself and save them. This will add the midi to the list of available ringers. You do not need ringo pro for this. Ringo pro adds option for MP3 Ringers (mine are on my SD card)
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    i tried emailing them to myself but the treo wont find them
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    have you tried using real player on your pc to get the files onto your sd card and then going to the ringo app to set the ringtones? that is how i did it if i understand your question. you will need to open real player on your pc and have the songs you want on there and then transfer to treo with hotsync cable.

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