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    How incredibly irritating...Palm / Sprint release a pain in arse to install firmware update that fixes some bugs but has now rendered my Sony Erickson Bluetooth Headset useless . (It will >not< pair after working perfectly prior to the "upgrade").

    And to make things worse, Sprint is pointing the finger at Palm while Palm of course points there finger at Sprint.

    Meanwhile I'm suddenly out $100+ headset and am feeling quite put out.

    What a crock...shame on you Palm AND Sprint.

    Anyone else's BT headset's / devices "die" after a firmware "upgrade"?

    KIDTREO (at least for now)
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    Or you could just delete the profile on your treo for the headset... and reset the headset (by holding down both volume buttons at the same time.... do this twice). Then re-pair the devices and start using it again
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    seriously man, thanks....for real.

    i did the update successfully and then my earpiece didnt work, checked this board and in 5 mins was fired up again.

    much appreciated.
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    My HBH-660 is working great. Follow the advice above. Remove the profile, then re-pair.

    Every once in a while you might need to do the pairing again, but not often. Good headset. It works with 1.08. No reason to throw a temper tantrum.

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