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    Give me a Treo that's reliable and stable as a Blackberry and I'll switch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by richard371
    Give me a Treo that's reliable and stable as a Blackberry and I'll switch.
    That was my stance when the 600 came out. I was lusting for a Treo the whole time I had my Blackberry lol...

    But reading this forum, and others like it wasn't helping my confidence in the Treo at all. But then the 650 was released.. So I started reading this forum more frequently and I realized that only a small percent of users were having problems. If your phone is working fine you tend to post less. So the problem posts will always out number the praise posts.

    So I said what the hell, Sprint will give me a 14 day trial, and I can keep my number. Let me see for myself if this phone lives up to the hype... To my delight it does, the only thing I miss about my Blackberry is the keyboard.
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    I find my Treo pretty stabile. Yes there were times when I added 3rd party apps that "caused" my treo to reset but after removing them no resets. It's been about 2 months w/out a reset. Memory issues went away after the Sprint update. I have several apps w/ the help of Zlauncher they are stored in my SD card. I have also read that BB's can reset. I was looking to get a BB but did not like the size and look of them. UGLY looking devices!
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    My Treo is very stable as well- I do get the random soft reset but it happens in very rare cases. I pretty much have all of the apps I need. Doing a bit of research on an app first before installing it makes a big difference in the final result.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JesseJstreet
    So I was at an IT conference this week and for fun I decided I'd count the number of Blackberries to Treos that I saw people using. The totals?
    The problem is that you were at an IT conference. You should conduct the same experiment with sales teams, project managers, marketing management. I'm finding blackberry's greatly outnumbering Treo in my business community.

    In our company, for example, the IT guys are not carrying blackberries OR treos. But just about everyone else with management responsibility (except me ) has a blackberry. Whether or not it's a true PDA depends on your definition of PDA. Blackberry does all the corporate things better than most anyone, and has a higher quality (manufactured) device. For example, to me a PDA is a device that allows me to interface with email, calendar, contacts, and tasks as if I were in my office connected to Exchange. Other things like browsing and additional plug in applications are nice, but not necessary (for me).

    Clearly the blackberry doesn't have the versatility of the Treo. But from a corporate standpoint, I think this review is accurate. P1 does a good job with techno individuals, but blackberry is successfully attacking the corporate world. My $1.50 (inflation).
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    Blackberrys are definently attacking the corporate world for the simple fact that the it guys don't have a problem supporting them and also companies are buying them in bulk so the price is alot better for their budget.. I think the treo is a more versatile device but it will take alot more time before corporations start investing in them.. just my opinion.. also you can only do so much with a blackberry but with a treo idiots can add all the software they want and create all types of headaches as far as stability.. so i that might be another way to look at it also..
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    20 or so years ago, one corporate manager was quoted saying that why would anyone want to use a PC while his Wang word processor does all he need, not to mention that a Wang processor is cheaper and much more stable than his PC. I wonder where that guy is today.
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    the BB is a closed gated ghetto. Its easy to keep something stable if you can completely control how its used and what software gets installed.

    A BB is a limited capability device -- optimized for those capabilities.

    IT desks love it for that reason -- and their knucklehead clients are happy cause they don't know any better, it does the corp. basics, and because it doesn't crash.

    My GSM unlocked Treo has been very stable. (10-15 applications)

    If a Treo was stable when it was without added applications or contacts, then most likely any crashing is the result of User installed troubles...
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    Good posts and good points. However this thread is about the article, not about which platform is better. Clearly many of us are biased towards the Treo (or we would be reading It is clearly a better smartphone, and is much more versatile. BUT, P1 has relegated themselves to the non-corporate users by having a device that is less stable, more expensive (TWOFOLD), and lacks acceptable connectivity to the enterprise (Versamail to check a POP box is not an enterprise solution!).

    Our company (no small concern - $15 billion) tried to have meaningful dialogue with P1. That effort clearly showed that Rim knows B2B, and Palm barely understands Supply & Demand and B2C. With 50,000 employees we found that P1 had a hard time distinguishing us from Joe Sprint Customer. That is why this article is right, and it is why P1 needs a new leadership team. Rim has pumped out 4 or 5 new models in the time that P1 has taken to sneak out one release. Blackberry has created demand instead of reacted to it. Until that changes, P1 will continue to lose the corporate battle.
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    Kitmoni-good points. Makes me wonder why P1 ignored the business market OR why they didn't see that market?
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    I have both a Blackberry and Treo 650, service from T-Mobile. I have recently transitioned to my Treo full time and have since retired the Blackberry.

    If you're using a handheld for email, you simply can't beat the Blackberry. They even show attachments like JPEG images now, which they never used to do. The Treo can come close to matching the Blackberry's email capabilities for personal use, but in a corporate environment the Blackberry still wins. Unfortunately, until the PalmOne folks make radical changes in the stability of the Treo 650 they have NO HOPE of breaking into the corporate world. I'm sorry, but they're just not ready for prime time in the business world. I sure wouldn't take the chance equipping my sales force or executive core with something that crashes and freezes that much. Same thing with government agencies. Those Blackberries just plain work. I might have reset my Blackberry (by removing the battery) maybe 5 times in over 1 1/2 years, and then I was fooling around with beta-ware applications.

    Since I'm a personal user and not a corporate user, it's my personal email I receive, and syncing with a corporate server is not a priority. Same with the PIM features. In this respect the advantages of the Blackberry are lost on me and what wins out for the Treo is external storage. Simply put, the Blackberry has none. And probably won't due to it's usage by government agencies with security concerns. I like to keep family pictures with me as well and the Blackberry simply has no room. If you even come close to the Blackberry's storage limits they're gonna start acting wonky, lots of slowdowns, general performance hits. Newer BB's have 32 MB of internal storage, but the units I had were the older 16 MB jobs. Either way, no competition for a Treo and a 1 GB SD card.

    I was missing having a camera as well. I always thought it was a feature that I just didn't care about, and when I had the Treo 600 the camera was so bad it was like having a Blackberry with no camera. Then I saw some pics and even movies taken with a Treo 650 and suddenly I had to have a camera. A decent camera - not the useless piece of crap on the 600. I had one of those and I still can't believe how terrible it was.

    Finally, bluetooth. Yeah, the new Blackberries have it but it's crippled, useful only for wireless headsets. No data syncing over your bluetooth connection. No information sharing, no beaming of documents to another unit. Those security concerns again. Me personally, I love being able to sync wirelessly with my desktop and Treo 650, and I also like beaming info to other Treos or Palm handhelds via IR.
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    The President of the United States and his advisers including Carl Rove use Blackberry.
    I think the comparison of PC to mac and Blackberry to Treo 650 is close.The keyboard and email functionality of blackberry is much better for an average Joe. Not too many people need the multifunctional aspects of Treo 650.
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    Really good points rambo. I'm interested in your bluetooth comments though. I have several Bb's (albeit newer ones - 7100 & 7290) in my office, and all of them get unbelievable range on bluetooth when compared with my 650. My 650 = 10 feet (good day) and the Bb's = about 50 feet or a little better. And I'm certain that I have transferred info (at least a bus card) to them, although I'm going to verify that tomorrow. In fact I know I have because I bluejacked on of them for fun. Hmmm...
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    I don't know if the Bluetooth feature on the 7100's is the real deal, but on the 72xx's it's for wireless headset only. Bummer. If they now support wireless syncing/transferring of data, do tell. I might take another look!
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    Treo with Chatter offers the enterprise functionality of BlackBerry, so far as I can tell. I think the Mac/PC comparison is apt. Corporations like simple, reliable solutions that no one but IT can understand or fool around with . They want a "canned" solution that does what they want it to, no more, no less. I would guess BB wins on that basis. P1 is a very bizarre bunch, its not clear what they want to achieve. They don't seem to care about consumers, they don't care about corporations, they seem somehow tied into what ever SPrint wants at the expense of two far bigger phone companies, their quality control is non existant, and they make dumb decisions, such as 24 meg of RAM inthe Treo650. But, it is a brilliant gadget none the less, and does so many things so well, its a shame they can't quite go the distance with it, and build a bit more consistant manufacturing process, and think through all aspects of the design, such as memory, but, again, I LOVE the Treo 650, and feel without reservation it is the best Phone/PDA gismo out there.
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    Treo 650 is for consumers. The Blackberry is for business users.

    The Treo is more fun. More gadgety. Prettier so i use it for personal use. but i am somewhat disappointed with the resets that occur. it's inevitable that hte sucker will reset again and again. the intervals are acceptable to me as a consumer user. but if i were to use this at work, pls.
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    I heard a figure once, and have since been very consious of it, and have always been looking to see if my experience showed it to be true. And it does. The figure was:

    Over 75% of BlackBerry users also carry a cell phone.

    So, what is the point? BB's in theory may be convergence devices, but in practice they are Not.
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    Wait a minute. According to this article at, which also quotes the same Gartner study:

    "Gartner's PDA data do not include smartphone sales."

    So they included only non-Treos in the count for Palm? I don't get it. I'd rather see a study of phone-enabled BBs vs Treos...
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    Just my opinion, but I don't even see PDAs, BlackBerries, and Treos in the same category. A PDA is just organizer. A Blackberry is a phone with limited organizer and good email (and crappy browser). A Treo does EVERYTHING! It does more than a PDA, it does more than just a phone, and it does more than a Blackberry.

    All hail the Treo!!
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