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    I just found an obscure fix for a pesky problem and just wanted to get it documented in case anyone else has similar difficulties. Here goes.....

    I've been toying with a trial version of Dataviz's SmartListToGo (link) and have found that anytime I try to do a network hotsync, the SmartList conduit hangs. The Dataviz website offers the following solution:

    "If you are having a problem with a Network synchronization please remove an expansion card from the device if one is present." (tech support doc ID #13331)
    I removed my SD card and, sure enough, the conduit works fine - but removing the SD card every time I sync isn't a very practical option. So I did some experimenting and found a workaround (use at your own risk - this worked for me on SmartListToGo v3.003 but may not work for you!):
    1. IMPORTANT: Move all your SmartLists off of your expansion card and into RAM before you do anything else! After you do these steps, SmartListToGo won't work if any of your SmartLists are on the expansion card (small price to pay for a working conduit IMHO), and you may even lose your databases.
    2. Get Filez, if you don't have it already. Free from PalmGear/Handango.
    3. Use Files to locate the file SDCard:\Palm\programs\SmartList\CardIdentifier. Select it, press Details, and uncheck "Read Only" on the Attrs tab. Then press Delete (to delete the file), then Close.
    4. Go to Menu -> Item -> Create Folder... then, in SDCard:\Palm\programs\SmartList, create a folder called CardIdentifier.
    5. Copy any existing file on your SD card (doesn't matter which one - this is a "dummy" file) into the new folder and make that file Read Only (in Details screen).
    6. Exit Files, and Hotsync without hangups.

    Basically, I think the CardIdentifier file is somehow screwing up the network hotsync, so what you have just done is to create a folder in its place, complete with a locked item inside the folder. This spoofs the conduit into thinking the file is missing, and (because the folder is locked) prevents the SmartList program from recreating the original file. Works like a charm!

    Remember, this requires that you keep all of the SmartListToGo databases in RAM, but you WILL have a reliable, working conduit. If you find you need to go back to putting databases on your SD card, you can revert these changes by unlocking your dummy file and deleting it, then deleting the CardIdentifier folder you created; SmartListToGo will automatically recreate the original CardIdentifier file and you'll be able to move databases to your SC card again, but network hotsync won't work anymore.

    Hope this helps someone out there.

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