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    I have recently used goodlink, loved it BTW, but am no longer with the firm and need to uninstall it to get my contacts, calendar, etc. up and running. Everytime I try to save a phone number, etc. it gives me an error message,"To enable this feature please restart goodlink". When I tried to delete from programs file, it would not allow it??? WHAT GIVES! I need my contacts.

    Also, I managed to back up my "goodlink" account, is there anyway I can get this information into the Palm desktop programs? or even just transfer to Outlook.

    Please help I am desperate and feel completely blinded!

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    goodlink is completely hidden. The only way to do a full uninstall is to do a hard reset and re-sync your regular data back in.
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    Unfortunately, GoodLink is sync'd with Exchange at your old firm, so you are attempting to access Exchange whenever you add, delete, etc. Unless you saved it (exported) from Outlook beofre you left your last firm, they are gone.

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