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    I have notice when I am using a SD card it takes a while for the Treo to wake when pressing the power button. If the screen does respond then it usually hangs and I have to wait for the screen lock to kick in.

    Has anyone else noticed this or is it something to do with my brand SD card or something?

    Treo 650 GSM Unlocked running 1.15.

    On another note the sould quality on calls is terrible and none of the firmware updates helped at all! Reminds me of the t68i I had.
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    Same here. I press the power button and it takes a second press to start the treo. Not sure why. I have just removed the SD card and all is fine. I have tried various brands of sd card and all are the same.....

    Any ideas....?
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    Not happening to me. I'm using Cingular with firmware 1.05 and a Sandisk 256 MB SD card.
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    Well mine is a Lexar 512mb card (not a high speed). I currently removed everything from it so it wouldn't be found. I ordered my free card a couple days ago so I will check that when it gets here.

    If others could post the firmware version your running and the card brand model and size that might help.
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    This has been documented from the beginning
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    This has been documented from the beginning
    Where? What I believe is happening is that the SD card is being scanned -- for apps, by the Palm Launcher. My guess is that if you install LauncherX and set the refresh option to "manual," you won't have the delay.
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    Don't know exactly where, but search the boards. I've brought it up a time or two.
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    That hardly answers the issue. The delay has to do something with the brand card or some other variable. On that previous post they are talking about an extra second. With mine it can take up to 15 seconds for the thing to wake!

    So well documented, no!

    Both firmware 1.05 and 1.15 did this so it may be something to do with the actual SD cards and the way they are programmed/designed.
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    15 seconds! Wow. I misunderstood your issue. That's crazy. I've definitely not seen that before!

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