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    Forgive the potentially dumb question but I can't find an answer anywhere. I recently got a new replacement unlocked Treo 650 GSM from PalmOne (the first one had HalRadio disease) and the first thing I did when the new one arrived Tuesday was upgrade to the 1.21 firmware (from 1.15).

    Since I got it, though, I've had problems. The phone won't wake up in the morning, Chatter seems to give it/it seems to give Chatter tons of problems (especially when using a fastmail always online connection) and there have been other wake up issues. Also the occasional "Not enough memory to start phone" message when I soft-reset it.

    I've tried wiping it clean using a hard reset, using new hotsync names and reinstalling all programs one-by-one, among other ideas. So now I'm thinking the move might be to go back to 1.15 and see if the problems persist. If so, I'll just call P1 and ask for a 2nd replacement in a week!

    Here's the problem and question...I used the hotsync method to upgrade the firmware to 1.21. Does anyone know how to go backwards? Are the 1.15 files posted anywhere?

    Thanks a lot.
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    I am going to do the same thing, except I will be going from 1.23 to 1.15. Finding the 1.15 link took a little searching, but it is either here or a MTDN. I will be changing code via an SD card.
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    I am not positve, but I don't think you can do this. Certain parts of the Treo's hardware are flashed when you install a new ROM, and can't be returned to an older flash. There are some known problems with Chatter and newer roms, best would be to pester Chatter about that.
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    swieder, can you confirm going back is possible?
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    The 1.15 downgrade is running from an SD card while we speak. I will let you know the results when it's done.
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    Piece of cake. The downgrade from 1.23 to 1.15 went exactly the same as the upgrade. No problems at all everything seems to be running fine. The true test will be how long to the next reset.

    Obviously my free memory went from 11M to 6.5M due to backing out the NVFS fix. Versamail went from 3.0C to 3.0B. BT dial up is still there which is a surprise to me.

    phone info reads:
    FW: 1.15
    SW: Treo650-1.06-ROW

    Info version: Garnet 5.4.5

    Still reboots after a hotsync if I try to sync my contacts. Would have been surprised if this was fixed, even tho it appeared after the "upgrade"
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    Wow, that's very cool. Could you indicate where you got the 1.15 files--or conceivably email or post them? I've found only dead links on mtdn and this forum.
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    Well tonight I got the "slow down" problem while running 1.15! This really surprised me. I started off with Cing 1.04 and had no such problems.

    Now I wonder if the "slow down" is due to the FW or some misbehaving 3rd party app or both!?

    What the next downgrade from 1.15?

    Are there 1.23 users out there that are experiencing no bugs?
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