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    I really hear good reviews for the moto HS850 BT headset. However, I hear it is not the best headset for the treo 650. On the other hand the treo brand BT headset did not get real good reviews.
    Does anyone use the Moto HS850 BT headset? Are you happy with it?
    Any replies is apppreciated.
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    u should move this post to the bluetooth forum

    but i have the same question tooo
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    Overall, I am extremely happy with the MOTO HS850 BT. There is a minor issue regarding answering calls with the HS850 that I did not have with my HS810 that I've heard others users have experienced. Making outbound calls is fine. You have to engage the BT by pressing the earpiece button first, then dialing. When an incoming call rings and you use the BT to answer it may take 1, 2, 3 up to 5 seconds to answer through the BT but the Treo may have picked up on the 1st or 2nd ring. This means the caller may be in limbo if you dont think to speak through the Treo.

    My workaround is to simply answer without the BT and while on the Treo hit the BT button which switches over within a second. The sound is great, the talk time is consistently around 8 hours without a charge and it's extremely light weight without inserting an earpiece. All worth the inconvenience of the workaround. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks "Mano" you answered mt question.

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