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    Perhaps that thread ought to be stickied, or at least referred to from one of the existing stickies. I'll ask the mods.
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    Wow, I'm surprised about all these 1.23 problems. I've had it a week and it's been perfect.
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    Let me know if things get better or worse. I planning to upgrade to 1.23 and reinstall all my apps from scratch.
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    Well I did the "Dirty Deed" and did the upgrade....

    Even Customized the ROM before the install (stripped out a bunch of stuff and added snapper and likes). After the Scary reset loop (had to do a zero reset).

    Ended up with 21.5 megs free of ram with my calendar and contacts loaded! It's stable so far, knock on wood.

    I'll keep ya'll posted
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    Does anyone know where to get the original GSM Unlocked Rom that cames with the treo 650?

    I'm having to much troubles with the 1.21 an 1.23.

    My phone stops responding, does not wake up. But if I call my mobile number, it's still working. I get a call signal. But noyhing happens with the phone.

    To solve this I have to make a complete hard reset.
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    I've been running 1.23 for about a month with no problems. Battery seems to be fine also. Some 3rd. party apps. like BTMute did seem to cause stability problems, but after deleting them, 1.23 runs just fine.
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    I had to go back to fw 1.15 today. Corrupted databases and interrupted syncing were the reason. On fw 1.15 everything ok again.

    I hope P1 releases an official update that works very soon and prevents us doing their beta-testing
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    [QUOTE=swieder]Can we compare what each of us have installed on our Treos to see what, if any, 3rd party app might be the culprit?

    Attached to this post is a file of everything that I have install in RAM. The list was generated from the filemanager in zlauncher.QUOTE]

    Ive had some minor probs with 1.23. My phone just randomly shuts off. I have been thinking going back to 1.04 which is what my phone had, but if you find 1.15 to be stable I may opt for that. Here is my current App List
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    Well, I continue to have the slow down problem with my unbranded 650 1.23fw also. Sweider was kind enough to provide me with a nice theme for zlauncher and this helped a little. Before, almost everyday, I would slow down and would have to soft reset. With the new theme, it slows down maybe everyday 3 days or so. I have attached my list of apps from zlauncher here also. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this issue.
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    I just got a Treo 650 a couple of days ago.

    I see a lot of talk on this board about updating the firmware. However, on the official PalmOne site it looks like there are just updates to other parts of the software and not the actual firmware itself. Where are these firmware updates coming from? Where is the "officially released" firmware available?

    My phone appears to be running 1.15.
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    so i've been on 1.23 for as long as it's been out and as long as i've been a 650 user. i hate the handset volume. today i tried the 1.15 firmware for an entire night and i can tellyou that there is no increase in volume at all. so yeah i went back to 1.23. also i lost about 3mb when i went to 1.15.

    so for me it was pointless going to 1.15 i didnt gain any volume at all, which i was my main reason for trying it.
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    I upgraded my branded Cing with the 1.21 SD Card update. It went flawlessly and Backupman restored my setup without problems. But - after the first day, I started having a problem where the 650 seemed to stop responding to my keypresses. It acted like it was running at 1 MHz sometimes; almost frozen, but not quite.

    I kept removing hooked pgms and found that my culprit was KeyCaps600. It used to work fine, but if I have it loaded on my system now (with 1.21) - my freezing / slowdown occurs. Without KeyCaps loaded, my system is again as stable as it was prior to my update. (I miss KeyCaps though).
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    I also had stability problems with v1.23. I had whatever the original version was as I bought my T650 the first day Cingular had it in my local store. I went from that early version straigh to v1.23. After the problems, I decided to ddowngrade to v1.15. Still, lots of resets. After a couple weeks of that I decided to give v1.23 another try and now it is far more stable than it ever was! only 3 or 4 resets in the last two weeks.
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    Well today I reverted back to 1.15 from 1.21. I never got to 1.23 because 1.23 came out the day after I updated to 1.21 and figured I'd just wait for the official release (which never happened.) Also some people report that it's worse than 1.21
    I had too many problems with 1.21. The biggest problem was when my Treo would either lose a tower signal (No service, or "SOS Only") and/or when it would switch from AT&T to Cingular networks (somewhat related to losing tower signals.)
    Anyway, after a complete loss of signal and/or roaming to the other network, I would have to reset my treo to get back online (EDGE/GPRS) and to place and receive calls. Until I did I would be unable to get on to GPRS, and whenever trying to place a call it would attempt, then fail. Also I would be unable to recieve a call.

    Losing tower signal completely is normaly rare near home. But when I travel I tend to enter/leave coverage area often enough (airports, subways, rural areas etc.) I'd find my treo became completely unreliable until I did a reset.

    I used the Cingular 1.04 updater initially to revert back my firmware. I noticed I got the firmware and software, but oddly it never installed the cingular included apps.
    I just upgraded to 1.15 when I finally found it.

    I wouldn't have bothered, except I woke up to a Treo with all of the databases in memory so corrupted nothing would work until I did a hard reset (and restored from SD backup.) I have no idea if this problem is related to 1.21 or not. I figured this was a good time to get back the stability of 1.15. I lose out on the memory fix, but I've decided that I don't really need it so bad.

    Also, I always knew that the day I finally gave up on 1.21 that something newer would leak or get released just to spite me. So let's home that holds true.
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    Hmmm, for me, it seemed to be the combination of zlauncher and 1.23 that made my Treo unstable. I have since uninstalled zlauncher and just use Launcher X plus PowerRun...with a custom 1.23 ROM....very stable for me.
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    Well wouldn't you know it, had it on 1.15 for all of 20 min before I bit the bullet and went to 1.23. I have to say, so far 1.23 seems better than 1.21 did. I don't know why other people report the reverse. Of course I have yet to enter a GSM dead zone, so we'll see how my phone responds when I finally do experience a no-network or the phone roams to when that happens (this was my biggest issue with 1.21.)
    However, so far so good with 1.23. I think I'll use it until the official update. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a mid July release on that one.
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