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    I set up my versamail on my GSM unlocked phone. When I try to send email to an hotmail or .ca email account I get the following error

    error 550 relaying mail is not allowed.

    What is this and how do I fix it.

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    i'm getting the same error message with Chatter and Snappermail. Don't know what the problem is but I cannot send with any of the 3 mail clients i have.
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    I also get the message , but it only seems to happen when I reply to an E-mail in most cases. I have a VZW 650. VZW has been no help at all in correcting it.
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    When you get a message something like 550 ... relay mail not allowed then it is because the ISP that you are using for reading and sending email to does not allow you to send mail from another ISP (your phone carrier) ie. cingular -> hotmail -> yahoo
    Hotmail in this case would be relaying mail and relaying mail is how the spammers get away with sending their spam.

    Many ISPs do allow you to first read mail (which requires authorization) and then you can use the same connection to send mail. So try first doing a get and then a send.

    Hope this helps.

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