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    I am wondering the best way to get a 650. I have a 600 now. I am covered by the best buy service plan and i also have the sprint insurance. Which one is more likely to send me a 650 for a damaged 600?
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    I received a 650 for my damaged 600 through Sprint. It was a real surprise, but a couple of weeks later my partner's 600 died and he was also given a replacement 650. We both had the insurance, but Sprint replaced our phones because they weren't a year old yet. If they're more than a year old, you have to send them to LockLine. If they're less than a year old, they will try to replace them in the store(covered under warranty). Apparently, it's easier for them to just give you a 650 than to track down a 600 - most Sprint stores don't have many 600's in stock anymore. Give it a try - good luck.

    If your phone is more than a year old, you may have more luck pitching a fit at Best Buy to get a 650.
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    best buy no longer replaces the phones in store you have to call the 800 number. my phone is older than a year. I may try best buy first.

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