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    hello everyone,

    I have read similar posts on here concerning this issue, but I wanted to let you know what my exact problems are.

    I have two emails that cause the Treo to reset. One is when I attempt to open the email, the other is when i attempt to delete a different email. When i attempt to do these, both of them cause the unit to reset.

    Any suggestions on what to do to get these emails off the Treo? I have renamed the VersaMail and Backup folders on the desktop. However using FileZ on the Treo I was unable to delete the one file created by asc as it was stored in ROM. Thanks for all your help.

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    Thanks in advance. When deleting a particular email, the Treo (650) resets, every time.
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    This link might help you out if you haven't found a solution:
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    Thanks for the reply, but the link doesn't seem to be active. I did resolve the issue, by deleting and re-creating all 3 of my email accounts (something I've done several times in the past the resolve the same or similar problems with Versamail).
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    Sorry, it cut off the last ) when posting the link. It's fixed now.
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    I have seen this article before, and it worked for me once, and other times I needed to delete all the accounts and set them up all over again. Thanks.

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