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    I saw the Insten Air Mesh case on eBay going pretty cheaply.
    It looks good from the photos but I am hoping someone here has actually seen/used one.

    I have a Treo 600 and wonder how well they fit into the case, how much protection the case gives, how it looks overall, etc.
    You cannot tell much from the small photos Insten provides.

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    Doesnt look too good in my opinion. But the main thing I would be concerned about is the lack of durability that this 'mesh' material will show. In my experience, anything mesh hasnt the durability as Leather (or Aluminum) and the stitching (or whatever binding process) will tear the fabric due to its larger pores. Dont count on better water protection either, since it is more porous than leather. And obviously the shock protection cant be better than any other case out there!

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