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    Just got a new T650 a few days ago and thought I would post a bit of a review on it's performance vs. my previous T600. This is a subjective review after a short period of use. I am not a fanboy nor a hater so I am trying to be objective.


    T600: Casing has a solid, sturdy feel and the keyboard keys are well constructed. 5 way and application buttons are solid and have a good "feel" when you depress them.

    T650: Casing feels a little flimsier and the battery door could be a tighter fit. Keyboard keys seem to be more "plasticky". 5 way and application keys don't provide the same tactile feedback and feel a bit mushy.

    Advantage: Treo 600, materials just seem more substantial.


    T600: 5 way and application keys are logically placed and a breeze to use and configure. Volume buttons are seperate so no fumbling required to adjust the volume. Service Off/ On button feels weak and not very tactile. Mute button is solid and "clicks" solidly in place. Keybaord is logically placed but the configuration (straight across the bottom) makes it a touch difficult to type on.

    T650: 5 way and application keys are logically placed with the addition of a few new keys to access menu's and program applications faster. Volume switch has been changed to a one piece rocker stlye that is not as easy to adjust. Service Off/ On moved to front of phone and is easy to access. Mute is same. Keyboard is logically placed and now features a slight curve to better follow natural finger motion when typing. Much easier to use.

    Advantage: Treo 650 as it offers more adjustability/ personal preference settings and the keyboard layout is superior.


    T600: Screen always appears slightly washed out, colors are not crisp and images are not crisp. 160 x 160 screen is a waste on this type of phone.

    T650: Sharp clear images and colors. 320 x 320 screen is a HUGE upgrade for overall useability of the phone. This alone is worth migrating from the 600 to the 650, it's that big of a difference.

    Advantage: Treo 650 (HUGE Advantage)

    Functionality:(limited use of phone, so review reflects this)

    T600: Handled most ap's with ease. The screen capabilities limited some software (where the req's were 320x320 minimum) but overall decent performance. CPU seems to handle most anything you can throw at it from the Palm OS world.

    T650: Have not found an ap it can't handle (from the Palm OS world). Faster CPU should hold some promise on what can be done with the 650. The ability to watch full motion video (without all kinds of hacks and 3rd party app's) and the audio capabilities are a tremendous upgrade. The upside of the T650 seems far greater for a longer shelf life.

    Advantage: Treo 650


    T600: One small step away from absolutely uselessness. The infamous blue dots and poor resolution render it akin to drawing by hand while blindfolded, underwater.

    T650: Wow, crisp, clear, multiple format options, Zoom, and live motion video capability that even includes sound. HUGE upgrade

    Advantage: Treo 650 (Big time)

    SD Card slot:

    T600: Card sits about 1mm too high so it gets ejected all the time by accident. Can be a pain in the rear.

    T650: Card sits lower and tighter, no more accidental ejections.

    Advantage: Treo 650


    Bluetooth on the 650 is a nice upgrade even though it is the 1.1 version, so it's not cutting edge. I had to add the Jabra A210 adapter to my T600 to use BT so not having that poking out of the back of my phone any more is very nice. I am using the SE HBH-300 BT headset with the T650 and it paired flawlessly and since the 1.08 firmware upgrade the volume is decent.

    Replaceable battery on the T650 is another huge upgrade. No more worrying about losing charge on long business trips, just pop in a fresh battery.

    Advantage: Treo 650

    Durability / Reliability:

    My T600 (after I replaced it 3x) has lasted me about 12 mos. with no crashes and no major issues. I never used a case and the phone still looks good and only a small scratch on the screen.

    T650: T/B/D

    Advantage: Not enough info to rate.


    I have been hesitant to make the upgrade as the price is fairly prohibitive. However when you have these two phones side by side it's no contest, the T650 is Far superior. If the durability and reliability can match my T600 then this should hold me for quite a while. The T650 is what the T600 should have been. PalmOne is finally starting to make good on some of the promise of the "Smart Phone". There is still work to be done (better BT, Better materials, WiFi) but we are closer and the improvement of the Screen, integrated BT and Camera make this a worthwhile upgrade.
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    Good job on your review. A couple of comments:

    1. The keyboard does feel a bit "mushier", as you say, but that is a good thing. It helps me type faster and easier.

    2. Following someone's suggestion, I have folded up a $20 bill and placed it under the battery. It is my emergency stash, and makes the back of the device feel very snug.

    3. The dedicated green and red buttons took getting used to, but I have come to see they are nice to have - expecially the red one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heberman
    Good job on your review. A couple of comments:

    2. Following someone's suggestion, I have folded up a $20 bill and placed it under the battery. It is my emergency stash, and makes the back of the device feel very snug.
    Excellent suggestion, works like a charm, although I used a $5 b/c I am cheap
    T300 (6 mos.) ---> T600 (14 Mos.) ---> T650 (11 Mos.) ---> 700p

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