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    I searched the threads and nothing came up. Do you have to configure the treo to be able to access the edge network. My speeds appears slow and always says its connecting to GPRS. I am in an Edge area, San Francisco Bay Area.

    I bought the phone. Placed my sim card from my previous card in the treo. Called Cingular and activated the data plan. Thats it. Should I have done anything else. I looked in preferences but didn't feel comfortable changing anything yet.

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    Nope, that's it. If EDGE is available, the 650 will use it automatically. It only ever says its connecting to GPRS regardless.
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    Do you have the green arrows at the top, right hand corner of the screen.
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    yes. I see two green arrows facing the opposite direction. Is this the edge network indicator??

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    That is the GPRS indicator, EDGE is a GPRS capability and not a separate technology so there is no way to check if you are using EDGE or not and no separate indicator. If your GPRS network has it then your phone will use it.

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