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    So I decided two days ago it was time to fix my baby. I had dumped enough crud in it, so I needed to clean it out, so I did a hard reset.

    Now before the hard reset, everything was fine. When Versamail would auto sync my mail and I had something, it would show the blinking asterix telling me I had unread mail etc etc

    Now post hard reset, What happens when i get email is I get an alert screen...but its blank!!! It has the three buttons at the bottom, OK SNOOZE or GOTO.

    OK i believe just clears the alert, or it clears the alert and does the flashing asterix
    SNOOZE closes the alert screen and starts the flashing asterix
    GOTO well it goes to versamail to show me the mail

    Now its really starting to annoy me...i did 2 more hard resets thinking it was the file allocation stuff, but nope it hasnt gone away...I want that blank alert screen to die!!! Can anyone help me out

    thanks guys

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