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    It has been about a month since I purchased two Treo 650s as upgrades from our Treo 600s. I waited for the 1.08 patch to be issued before purchasing and applied it after getting the phones at a local Sprint Store.

    Programs (all are latest version) I have installed: After a clean install of the programs and sync with my Outlook data there is just under 18 megabytes of free RAM in the internal memory. I also have an external 512MB SD card installed which is used for backups and the housing of some of the Documents to Go programs (via their tool to do so).

    1. Tide Tool
    2. Backgammon
    3. DopeWars
    4. SpaceTrader
    5. PocketTunes
    6. Butler
    7. ClockPop
    8. Jot
    9. KeyCap
    10. mSafe
    11. Qset
    12. BackupMan
    13. Filez
    14. Handzipper Liter (Snappermail Package)
    15. JpegWatchLIte (Snappermail Package)
    16. Snappermail
    17. Directory Assistance
    18. Flight Status
    19. LauncherX
    20. Documents To Go

    1. The screen is nicer than the Treo 600 although it's not all that much better in direct sunlight.

    2. There is a significant delay (3 - 5 seconds) when you press a button to use phone services or when you press a favorite before it dials or sometimes when you press the power-up button. This is annoying at best as you can easily double press the button and end up cancelling your initial request

    3. Sound quality and volume with a wired headset, Treo Wireless Headset and as handheld are fine. Sound quality of the speaker phone is good, but the volume (at max) is too low.

    4. Bluetooth implementation seems to work. Pairing with a Thinkpad for use as a modem requires PDAnet (this program is on my wife's phone and not mine). Pairing with the Treo Wireless Headset works, but there are times when you wonder when the phone is going to transfer the call to the headset and when it's not. Pairing the phone with my 2005 Prius is problematic and not reliable enough for consistent use.

    5. The phone resets a bunch more than the 600. This is especially distressing when it happens with the built-in apps like Phone and Web. I also see garbled displays or missing sections of the screen when starting up the phone or selecting the phone app.

    6. Battery Life appears to be pretty good. Not quite as good as the 600, but that's to be expected.

    7. The connector for data and power is worse than on the 600 and one of the worst I've seen. It's very easy to have the cable not be in fully and either charge or data connection be interrupted. There's nothing "certain" about inserting the data cable. It doesn't "click" into place and one side can come partially out without being easily noticed. The connector is also far bulkier than I would like.

    8. The camera is significantly better and all I would require of a phone camera.

    9. The keyboard is better than the Treo 600s. Much easier to type on.

    10. The location of the headset plug still stinks but at least it doesn't require that you file away plastic to get plugs to fit. It is TOO close to the data cable and a headset plug can be blocked or interfere with the data cable.

    11. The volume control on the side is nice...the button below it (PTT?) seems kind of useless.

    12. Moving the power button to the new location stinks. Lost another button for functionality and now it's much more easy for it to be hit than when it was on top.

    13. The phone doesn't have voice dialing and does not allow 3rd party voice dialing programs to work through Bluetooth headsets is just a disgrace.

    14. The A/C adaptor that comes with the phone and the one that comes with the Headset could be smaller. This may be because they want to make it compat with all of the international plug styles. For whatever reason...I have to carry it on the road and would like it as small and light as possible.

    15. The sync with Outlook seems to work pretty well. Although I wish they included a way to map the conduit between Outlook's data and the Palm's. For instance Outlook has an area for Birthdays as does the 650, but there's no way to map the Outlook data into the Palm for that item.

    16. I don't like the new layout on getting to favorites. I preferred having the way it was done with the 5-way on the 600.

    17. The SD card slot is better than the 600s and won't require that you file down the edges of a card to keep it from being easily removed.

    All in all there wasn't a whole lot of progress made between the 650 and the 600, I'm not thrilled with the 650 as an upgrade, but if the money for the new phones isn't a big deal it is worth doing.
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    Interesting thoughts. .. you might want to try a ROM flash to 1.21 or 1.23 as the speaker phone gets MUCH fact it's so loud on max that it's distorted, I'm afraid it's going to blow the speaker so I bumped it down 2 notches
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    So is 650 a better PDA phone after all? What is your opinion after a month of using it?
    I just bought an unlocked 650 and I'm waiting for it to arrive. This would be an upgrade to my current 600. Your post made me wonder if I made a smart move. A lot of folks here report too many software resets per day, every day. Others report slow menus or phone book. Some users suggest upgrading from 1.15 to 1.23, others suggest downgrading back to 1.15 due to instability problems. All this really makes me wonder whether to keep my 600 and wait until PalmOne come up with Treo 680 or 700.
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    He said he got two sprint treo 650s. The sprint version 1.08 is equivalent to the gsm version 1.21.

    Try keyshades. It turns off the keyboard light. That should give you better battery life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kschoenberg
    15. The sync with Outlook seems to work pretty well. Although I wish they included a way to map the conduit between Outlook's data and the Palm's. For instance Outlook has an area for Birthdays as does the 650, but there's no way to map the Outlook data into the Palm for that item.
    My seems to map birthday automatically.

    You can also add custom maps to the Treo's custom fields (up to 9 now).

    On the conduit setup, choose advanced, and fill in the custom field mapping section. You need to know the exact Outlook field name for it to work.
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    Mine doesn't map over, but I'll try the custom mapping idea thanks.
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    Most of the things you write have been stated before, and most things I agree with. A couple of comments, though:

    4. You don't need PDANet to do bluetooth networking to your Thinkpad. Check out and download the DUN patch. The only real catch is that for best results you should do a soft reset before activating BT DUN and after shutting DUN off. A minor pain, but the patch is a lot cheaper (free) than pdaNET.

    5. Check your loaded software. Mine doesn't reset more than once every couple of weeks. Much of the software that worked on the 600 does NOT work correctly on the 650. Some have upgraded versions that work, some to not. I've never seen or heard of the garbled screen problem you describe, which also makes me think it's a problem with some app you're running.

    Important: Did you upgrade to the 650 by doing a hotsync and restoring from your treo 600 backup? If so, it's time to punt and start over. This is a known 650 killer, and there's even an entry in PalmOne's support database that says not to do this.

    Even if you didn't do this, I think your reset problem is caused by one or more of your apps. Do you have the latest versions of Backupman, Butler and KeyCaps? Older versions are known to have problems with the 650. QSet doesn't work with the 650 camera, btw, so you might as well get rid of it. Launcher-X also doesn't seem to support the d-pad & center button correctly, but there's supposed to be a patch that will fix it. Do some searches on TC and you should find it.

    11. Actually, the button does a couple of useful things. Remember how, on the 600, you kept inadvertantly changing the volume by hitting the side buttons? Well, I always did. Now, the volume change isn't permament unless you 'lock' it by pressing the side button after making the change. This works for ring volume, ear piece volume and speaker volume by adjusting the side toggles and pressing the side button while in the proper mode.

    You can also assign the side button to activate an app by going to profiles, and KBLightsOn (well worth it, btw) and a few other apps make use of it, too.
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