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    I have had my Treo 650 for about two weeks, and being a convert from "traditional" Palm pda's, I bought it more or less as a "test" of the Treo/smartphone concept, to see if this was something for me.

    As a reference I have been a user of Palm handhelds since '99, and tried out and bought lots and lots of software. My last handheld was the Tungsten T5, which I experienced as a reliable and very well performing PDA. I therefore had some concerns when I decided to go for the Treo, but all those have now vanished.

    These are the reasons for loving my Treo 650:
    - speed: its seems just as fast as the T5, and launching apps and using them is very fast and accurate
    - screen: I was expecting to miss the bigger screen of the T5, but not so. The screeen is more vibrant and clear than that of the T5, and screen size is certainly not an issue I think about anymore
    - 2 in 1: I love the fact that I do not have to bring with me both a cell phone and my pda to work everyday. Having it all in one device is a blessing!
    - Blazer/EDGE: certainly much faster browsing with the TREO and EDGE than GPRS and T5.
    - SMS: I use SMS a lot, and the built in app on the TREO 650 is the best I can possibly think of. Very well laid out and intuitive to use.
    - Keyboard vs. grafitti: I LOVE THE KEYBOARD. I HATE GRAFFITI! Having practised graffiti for 6 years, I was never able to write whole sentences without having to backstroke and correct mistakes. With the keyboard mistakes still occur, but more seldom and they are more easily corrected.
    - Versamail: I was told that the new Versamail on Treo did not support Lotus Notes hotsync, however I eventually got it to work, and I am now reading both my workplace Lotus Notes email, as well as my private pop-based accounts. I have tried Snappermail, but find Versamail sufficiently good for my use.
    - The phone: Although I am experiencing some static buzz during calls, especially using speakerphone and headset, I hope the official release of the awaited firmware update, will cure some of these issues. I guess the low volume capabilties are the primary reason for the buzzing. (due to max. volume settings) Other than that the phone is functioning very well.
    - Treocentral: while I have been active reader of other forums, I really enjoy the diversity and completeness of the postings and threads available here. I also find to very informative

    All in all, I do not see myself going back to the separate PDA-device after this, and I am not even excited to see the next Tungsten-model released.

    Enjoy your Treo!

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    Enjoy Christian. I can't wait to upgrade from my VZW T600 to the T650, but I do remember what it was like to go from a straight PDA and cell phone to the Treo. It really is an awesome device- warts and all. The BB has now taken over, atleast according to an article on as the number one handheld OS in terms of sales, but they mention that as as OS, it is just okay. The Palm is great... even though there are obviously some issues.

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