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    Well, I am basically taking my mostly perfectly working Sprint Treo 650 (firmware 1.03) and updating to the new firmware (1.08). I need to solve the BT headset volume problem or else I wouldn't even do this update as the memory issue is no biggie to me (I use the SD card).

    Why do I always feel like this kind of thing is a crap shoot..hope I don't end up with a $600 paperweight!
    T300 (6 mos.) ---> T600 (14 Mos.) ---> T650 (11 Mos.) ---> 700p
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    I am no genius when it comes to Palms compared to many folks on this board but this is almost a no brainer. Just be sure to have the required memory free and also make sure that you are plugged into an ac outlet as well as the hotsync cable and the update process happens uneventfully. I updated both mine and my husband's Treo and it took only about 30 minutes. The sound quality of the phone is where I really noticed the difference but the memory increase is nice. Good Luck.
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    I updated mine just fine with no problems. Increased memory was the major thing I noticed. I don't notice any other improvements.
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    Just follow the instructions word by word and you will be fine. Do a full backup if you need additional insurance. Did two in my household, and everything went as smoothly as it can be.
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    Well, it seems to have gone without a hitch. I am now on 1.08 and everything seems to be working correctly.

    Added ~4MB of space and the BT headset volume is definitely better.

    So far, so good.
    T300 (6 mos.) ---> T600 (14 Mos.) ---> T650 (11 Mos.) ---> 700p

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