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    I love my T66. Albeit it cant find in the place in the car where i normally keep my phone, and its a little bulky in my pants, I still love it.

    One thing though, I like the LED of course, it tells me if I have missed an alert or something. But unfortunately with the snowed LED rubber plug on the T66, it somewhat dimished the brightness of the light, and well here in my office which is full of florescent lights, or in direct sunlight, the LED gets washed out with the plug in there. Without the plug I remember the blinking LED is perfectly visible in sunlight, as I have a T65.

    So a little while ago i emailed Vaja about having the LED window removed. They were shocked to hear me say that the window plug was not to my satisication. They said the plug was molded there, and in some of the cases, the plug is easy to remove.

    I didnt do anything until last night. I have a swiss army knife, and in it is a tooth pick. I took out the tooth pick, made sure it was on the handle side, not the pointy side (a pin from a dress shirt can pierce the rubber material) and applied force. It didnt take much at all to have the plug fly across to my dresser, and onto the floor where I have yet to look for it. Its in the mess.

    But yeah now i have a windowless T66 case, however to my slight disappointment the LED window isnt as exact as the T65 (i will send this off to Vaja of course as an observation), but hey its still ultra visible, and more visible than with the window on it.

    The reason I didnt plain go back to my T65 was for two reasons.
    1. I liked the ultra soft leather the ruby wine red felt like
    2. I like the fact that I dont have to use keyguard, or worry about my phone answering a call. The only thing that can really happen is accidently hitting the volume rocker while is call is ringing and muting the ringer

    Further more i looked into buying a different brand case, and the case that got my attention was the Scena Magnet Flip one, but there is no LED hole, nor is the treo 650 holstered inside the case without aide

    All in all, i am uber happy!

    GO Vaja (My friends just dont understand why I spend so much on these products)
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    the Sena magnet flipper?? it has led hole, I have it. It is Real easy to take in and out, I take it out at night to use the cradle at home..
    saying that, I have a T66 on order
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    OK, now I see. No not with the lid closed.
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    yeah thats right...thats what i thought!!! lol kidding...but honestly the case does look nice...
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    it is OK...on the side where the volume control is the case is starting to tear due to the sharp edge of the top volume button and the fact that the cutout is not finished, just a cut piece of leather.
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    yes, thin. One thin layer. the cover is double with some plastic or something to stiffen it
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    ^ahh i understand

    I could see now why I didnt like the LED window, it doesnt cover my LED light at all!

    I sent off another email to Vaja showing the differences
    and yes I know this camera sucks, my ma bought it for my pa for xmas one year



    I dunno why but it really bothers me! I hope this can be fixed...i love this case, but the flaw is bugging the crud outta me!

    This could explain why i didnt like the window. The washout effect was due to the fact there wasnt enough light lighting the frosted window...oy

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