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    This device is meant to be an all-in-one time saver, yet I waste SO MUCH TIME dealing with crashes, resets, re-installs, firmware upgrades etc. totally ridiculous..... and yet, I have become a Treo-Addict.... I can't get enough of all this tweaking of the phone in the hope that it will finally meet my expectations on a permanent basis.

    I don't know, that wonderful feeling you have, post rom-upgrade pre-first crash..... its like a hit... then comes the crash, the post perfection letdown that always seems to come, and yet I can't stop myself from searching the forums for more, more, MORE!!!!
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    It'll last about 2 weeks then you'll see another smartphone out there you want. You'll install everything and anything you can get your hands on in the first two weeks. Then after that you'll realize that it keeps needing to be reset. Then you'll hard reset it to keep it clean. Then you'll be tempted by some more apps. Then you'll hard reset it again. This is when you'll probably accept that you only need to install what you're going to use. And should have a fairly stable and highly useable device on your hands.
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    ekerbuddy...WHAT are you doing to your Treo that is making it so unstable? Please share so I can avoid your methods. I haven't crashed my "baby" in forever! Is it the updates?
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    ekerbuddy - it's still crashing post ROM update? That solved all my stability problems (1.21 update on unlocked GSM).
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    when i first started i loaded my phone with a bunch of crud apps, tested them out, made a list of which I would like to keep, and then hard resetted and only loaded the ones that were to my liking

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