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    As someone who is trying to avoid using a PC (laptop and desktop) for personal use (reason: my laptop died on me...did save the HD as a portable media storage device via a USB hub), I've been thinking about alterntives of loading/installing Palm software. This also includes backing-up your data (in case you lose or break your Treo...perish the thought!

    Ironically, for the purpose of my current scenario, I'm upgrading from a T600 to a T650, in which I'll be using a friend's computer to do most of my installing/back-up. EXAMPLE: I'll be using a SD card reader to download files off the Internet via a desktop computer, then use that same SD card to install apps one at a time (instead of synching) on my T650.

    So once I get all the blood, sweat and tears out of the way first, and get my T650 up and running, installing FUTURE programs and performing back-ups via a T650 should be relatively painless. Here are my ideas:

    * INSTALLS via Sprint's Blazer Browswer and HandZipperLit:

    By logging on the Web via the T650 browser (Sprint) and downloading .zip files (or .prc files) to a SD card first via HandZipper (or other programs), I will be able to install them one by one without the use of a traditional hotsynch.

    * Backup part 1--internal memory apps: I regualrly use MDMs Secure File Back-up card during my T600 days and plan on using it even more with my T650. More importanly, will be keeping that MDM card in a secure place away from my T650, in the rare chance that my T650 or gets lost, broken or stolen.

    * Back-Up part 2--extra memory/files on SD cards. The fies, pictures on programs that are stored on extra memory cards...what if that card is lost? Well, here's my CRAZY thought...

    ...I was gonna sell my T600 eventually. Then it hit me as I was writing this: Keep my T600, buy an extra 1 or 2GB SD Card (regular version, non ultra)leave the card in the T600, then periodically beam my T650 files into my T600 waystation! And in case something happens to my T650, at least I have a back-up and usable PDA...

    Either that or eat crow: use my friend's desktop computer and save files from my SD card reader back to my portable hard drive/USB hub.

    Any other ideas?!
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    I've installed programs in the way you describe and it works fine. The only problem is that Blazer has a 2M download limit. You don't hit that often, but I did try to download a game that was 2.5M and I wasn't able to do it with Blazer. (Eventually I downloaded it with my computer and hotsynced it over). I've also installed apps by downloading and unzipping them on a computer and emailing them to myself on the Treo. I use Chatteremail now, but I've also done that with Versamail and I think almost any other email program that supports attachments would allow this. This method is nice when you only have 1 or 2 files to send over, but if you get a program with 10 files then it's nice to just get the .ZIP and unzip it on the palm device.

    Backing up the SD card will be the difficult part. Depending on how many files you have on there it may take some time to beam them over. Plus I have the feeling you may have to do it one file at a time. Unfortunately I can't think of a good way to backup an SD card with only a Treo (or two).


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