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    Or: Downloading Palm software...Which is better: Usiing original host software company page or Palm aggregate sites like Handango and PalmGear?

    Check out Handango Rewards Points here:

    Does PalmGear have a similar program?

    I'm thinking down the line, it might be just a little more expensive to use sites like PalmGear and Handango, but if they have the rewards points, you just might come out a little bit ahead.
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    I tend to buy direct from the developer since the developer gets more of the proceeds that way. The exception is when the developers method of accepting payment concerns me in terms of a secure transaction (can't remember the last time that was the case). In that situation I'll buy from HandandGo or PalmGear. I'll also use them if I have a %-off discount as I currently do from HandandGo for filling out a survey.

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