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    hi i tried transfering pictures from my pc to my treo by using the sd card but when i stick the card back into my treo its not showing up. do i need to put a certain application onto my treo to do this? i know the pic is on the card. when i click on card under the all menu the screen is blank. what do i need to do. thanks
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    How did you load them to the Treo, and where on the SD card did you load them? How are you trying to view pics?

    If you use the Palm desktop to load them to the card, they go into the DCIM folder. You can view the pics there using the Pics&Videos application that comes with the Treo.

    At the top right of the screen in Pics&Videos are two little icons, just to the left of them is a drop down list. Select the rightmost icon to view images on the memory card, then choose All in the drop down list. You should get a page of thumbnail images. Select any image to view it full screen.
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    Hi where do you find pix and videos? thanks,
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    Hey speshuled619...make sure as well that if you are just transferring pics from your PC on to the card that you place those pics in the folder DCIM, otherwise they Treo won't find them when you go to the Pics & Video app.
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    The way I do it on my Treo 600 is to transfer them first to the Treo using the Transfer folder on the Palm Desktop softer.

    Then I use the "move" function on the drop down menu in the "pictures" app on the Treo.

    I view them using the "pictures" app and selecting "card" in the upper right conrer.
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