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    Mac team,

    Just wondering if it's me or my machine???

    I've never, and I mean never, had any issues in panther...until after I did this upgrade to 10.3.9.

    Issues like...(sluggishness(minor), to an OS complete crash/lockup (major) and other things like my wifi signal just up and vanishing on one computer and not on the other....??? Just strange behavior.

    I am upgrading to Tiger soon but I'd rather problem solve my rig issues before I do so.

    Thanks for any input....

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    No problems with 10.3.9

    Did you repair permissions before hand?
    Do you have any control panels or other system extensions installed that aren't up to date?
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    Thanks for the reply...Everything is up to date..but I did not repair permissions.

    What exactly does repairing permissions do and how do you do it?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Go to Utilities folder and select Disk Utilities. Once started select your drive on the left and hit the Repair Permissions button on the bottom left.
    So installers or other apps can mess up permission settings in such a way that the applications can't save what they need to or get confused. it's usually recommended doing a Repair Permissions before an update but you can try it now and see if you get any improvments. If not check the Apple discussion boards.

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