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    Palm's business plan no longer states that it will innovate. It quite clearly states that it is a company that will only follow trends, which is unfortunate. It has lost its edge and is no longer interesting.

    Apple; on the other hand, obviously continues to innovate and it will be rewarded – I hope.

    Meanwhile, we have Apple software starting to show up on handhelds everywhere. Nokia's new Series 60 platform (and all the licensees) uses an Apple browser based on Apple's WebCore and JavaScriptCore. Motorola and Sony Ericsson phones will be getting iTunes Mobile. And there are billions of devices out there that come with QuickTime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spiVeyx
    I hope you're right archie, but I, for one, have lost all hope. I was really hoping SJ was going to annoince a new handheld platform yesterday...

    I guess I'll sit back and see what the future holds for Apple.

    Does anybody want to make any predictions on when Apple might release a handheld/PDA-like device?
    I'll make a prediction when they will release SOMETHING new (iPod variation). It isn't really a surprise but I would say within the week.

    They have quitely update their iPod offerings which merely consists of a 20GB and 60GB color screen version of the iPod (and a color screen version of the iPod U2 Special Edition). And they have eliminated the iPod Photo. Next week they will introduce new devices which will probably fill the 40GB and 80GB spaces they have left open and they will obviously have more features than current iPods. The iPod product cycle has reached a maturity level where it flourishes rather than getting simplified (i.e. taking away the iPod Photo is simplifying – there will be something to top the iPod Photo). One thing seems certain at this point, the addition of wireless capabilities (communications based radio of sorts and at the very least, Bluetooth functionality) and the cementing of the iPod as an additional Apple platform.

    Addition: Also of note is the price reductions at every level except the base model. Ohhh, and also Apple’s Patent Application number 20040224638.
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