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    I know that this is probably the wrong forum, but anyway.... I recently just received a new tablet PC with no external CD/DVD drive and my work is a little militant about using "unapproved" external devices. I would like to install the treo hotsync tool but according to the Palmone website I need to use the CD to install the software. I would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has to do the install any other way. I have an SD slot and am able to download files off the net.

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    I'd like to know the answer to this myself. I was in need of the software a few weeks ago when I was out of town and was unable to find out where to download it. (As such, my Treo was of limited use to me until I got home.) <sigh>
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    Luckily you guys aren't the first ones that have wondered this. Check out the search tool to find what the folks before you figured out.

    I think someone posted that you can get the software by registering as a developer with palm. Of course you can't get the bundled apps that way

    good luck

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