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    How can I listen to an audio book on a headphone, not on the speaker phone?I have downloaded a book from I can listed to the book on the speaker. But when I plug in a headphone, it continues to play through the general speaker. How can I make it play through the headphones ONLY.
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    Do you have the correct headpset? If its a "headset" earphone (for calls) with 3 brass sections and two rings on the connector it should work fine. If its a stereo headphone set then you need an adapter to make it work with the Treo.
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    If you can't find the 3ring motorola type headset, then you can buy the program Freedom. It let's you listen to any audio through the headset jack (plus the latest version let's you control ptunes by advancing to the next song or skipping back).
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    I was thinking of doing that on my 600... how would u rate the service in general?
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    Treoware's Voicelauncher also includes this feature (and this feature does not expire if you don't register )

    I have registered becasuse I like the other features too but If you don't want the other features then you don't need to register
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