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    I'm trying to figure out how to sync all the folders from my unlocked GSM (on T-Mobile) 650 using VersaMail and my .mac account and cannot seem to get the Sent Messages from my Treo to show up in my .mac Sent Folders. I tried assigning the correct folder names in Treo Preferences/ Server settings but the sent emails and drafts still don't show up when I look from my laptop or online. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I am a recent IMAP convert and really prefer it POP mailing- if I could get the Sent and Drafts folders to sync, it'd be hugely helpful. When I start an email on the subway but don't finish, it'd be great to pick it back up from my laptop. It would also be very helpful to see the emails I sent from the Treo right from Mail, particularly now with Spotlight searchability in Tiger! Any suggestions?

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    My advice:
    use ANY OTHER e-mail application other than Palm's Versamail. It is meant for those who use their handheld in conjunction with Microsoft Windows.
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    Thanks for the advice- been thinking about switching. I have read good things about Chatter and Snapper all over the forums. It sounds like your saying that they have no problem syncing imap folders with .mac and Apple Mail? Which email app are you using on your Treo? Have you synced all IMAP folders succesfully? Or are you basing it on all the other problems with VersaMail that people write about? Thanks again!
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