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    Synchronzing is stuck at contacts, please help.

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    i'm having a similiar problem,but mines is stuck at 'tasks'.....what's up with that???
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    i'm still having this problem...does someone have an answer....???
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    mine was stuck at my phone has not lost any data...what I did was remove/delete the user profile from palm desktop...recreate a new one(same name) ....and it syncs and backups fine now...wonder if it helps..
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    I've had this problem happen before, but only when syncing with BT. I did a soft reset and it helped it along just fine. Most of the time that happens is because there is something that the PC doesn't like that you changed on the Palm.
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    This is a problem with a corrupt contact on your handheld. The best thing to do is delete you contactsDB files using a file manager program and then Hotsync using "desktop overwrites handheld" in the custom section of Hotsync manager. Set the "desk over hand" before doing the hotsync.

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