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    so lost my install disc for my treo 650 what is the best way to get all the software to reinstall all the goodies i need to sync up my treo 650. i looked on palm for the software and this is what i said..

    Please use the CD version of Palm Desktop which came with your device. Do not install other versions of Palm Desktop, as they do not include the components for synchronizing the unique features of your handheld or smartphone.

    so any one have any ideas?


    ps may be some one able to burn a copy or maybe upload it?
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    I didn't lose mine but I cant seem to get it to work on my home computer. The disc was cracked from tthe time I got it, but it worked fine on my work computer. Where can I get a copy or download it?
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    hey guys,
    i have a box of spare install discs. you want me to send you one, or just host an .iso for you? Lemme know...
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    that would be awsome !!!! hosting it would be best but if you are able to drop one in the mail i can send you my addy!!!
    thanks again
    to bad palm did not see this coming and took the time to put up a download of it !!!
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    Hey there
    I noticed that you said you have some spare install disks for the Treo 650...
    I have had my disk broken so am stuck like the others... any chance of getting one from you?!
    I have a Treo 650 with Sprint...
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    also can you send a copy of the paris hilton porn video?
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    how do all...i'm a treo n00b. a friend of mine who formerly worked for cingular and now works for verizon gave me the treo he had since he got a bberry from verizon. (his loss *s*) he had everything but couldn't find the original software disc (suspect one of his daughters has hidden it from him) so i'm up the creek right now as far as software. visiting was useless so if anybody here could upload an iso/send the disc, i'd greatly appreciate it.
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