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    AS of 05/03.
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    How much does it cost if I want to buy it?
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    link please?
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo-mike
    link please?
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    so palmone is advertising a company that offers voice dial on a product that should have come standard with voice dial? amazing
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    That's nice, but do we really need 3 threads with the same message? This one was started only about 19 hours after the first one.
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    No, Jazzi we don't need three threads on the same subject. If I would have noticed the other, I would not have posted this one. Yes I could have done a search but at the time I really didn't think a short note would hurt to inform people if it had been posted. If you don't want to re-read it than don't go to the thread.... Mr. Perfect.

    If your worried about group bandwith, your critical note was several words longer than my original post.

    See Ya nice guy.
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    Alright alright, everyone just simmer down. What a bickering family we are. :-)

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