Let me start by saying I love Vaja's products . I have a 650 case, and a different memory card case.

But I'm on my third 4-card I-volution memory case . The I-volution has spring-loaded slots. The first two cases I had, one of those slots stopped "clicking" the card in. Therefore the card wouldnt be locked in and it would be lose. This was after very little use(a week or two, maybe using each slot once a day) under normal conditions(I take excellent care of all of my Electronics/accessories).

They were very cool about exchanging them. And I felt bad because I love their product & didn't want them to think I was scamming (apparently they say this has NEVER happened before, hence this post).

But now when they send me the third case there is a different problem . The Hinge(or middle flap of leather in between the card slots) is about an 1/8" shorter than the other cases middle. Therefore when you close the case it pops out the spring loaded cards because its too tight. So When I open the case my cards are lose . Basically making the Spring mechanism irrelevant, and leaving me at the risk of losing expensing/valuable memory .

And now this time they're telling me to"... send it back and get my $$ because this has never happenned, and maybe the case isn't right for me.."

I really would like the case if it worked, and simply want to get a working case.

It would be obvious if they tested this case with actual memory cards that this case would not hold them correctly. I'm suspicious that they don't test them w/ cards, or if they do, they just put one card in each slot one at a time, and don't fill it up w/ cards and close it. If they did it would've been obvious this case wouldn't work.

So I'm not trying to talk sh** about Vaja, but I want to find out if anyone else has had issues with this particular case