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    Treo 650 Syncing issues with Docks:
    I ordered 3 docks from, after waiting for ever to get them to be delievered, I keep having issues where I hit the sync button on the dock it pops up on the Treo but doesnt sync with the desktop and errors out. In the dock it does "beep" that it is getting a charge. I am having this problem with all 3 docks. Is it the Treo of the dock? I have to end up unpluging the dock and playing with the wire to get it to work. (some times just bypassing the dock).
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    I think it is the treo, the contacts are bad on some of the early ones, and you cant get a tight connection. I plan to make sprint give me a new one. A friend of mine has a much tighter connection with his newer treo..

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