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    hi y'all

    I just upgraded my phone from the 600 to the 650 and noticed that Docs to Go has been preinstalled on my 650. How do I go about upgrading to the latest version of Docs to Go? I don't have a registration key since it was preloaded by Sprint and the Dataviz website prompts for a registration key to download upgrades.

    thanks much,
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    Even better: Find Your Registration#

    Simply launch Documents To Go on your desktop computer (not your handheld). Your registration number can be found on the main application window just to the right of the Documents To Go logo.
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    My phone also came with Docs to Go pre-installed but only a portion of it (Word and Excel) and only the handheld portion. Use the Palm CD to install Docs to Go which will install the desktop portion and you can also add the Powerpoint functionality of Docs to Go to your handheld. Once you have done this install, you will have the reg # and you can upgrade.
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    cool !!!

    that's just what i needed. now i've got more stuff to play with instead of doing actual work.

    Thanks much.

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