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    yes, I read the threads..I find them confusing as to what the latest info is.
    I have a limited budget for this so I am trying to buy smart.
    Heard there were also problems with the non oem batteries and cradles.

    if that is not true let me know...

    I would like to pay one shipping cost if possible.
    don't buy on the internet often, and looking for the best CURRENT deals on

    treo battery: 1800-1900 is fine
    cradle- oem or not if no problems
    car charger
    stereo adapter- i got the radio shack and it doesnt work. what does?

    All specific links, total prices, latest info, welcome


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    do a search in for dan's cellular - I've bought from there before and many here on this forum have also with good, no make that great reviews. The prices are the lowest you'll fine anywhere on the internet. Found a better price some where else? let me know!
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    A question: Do you really NEED all those things? If you have a car charger, will you really be away from a place to charge your Treo so long that you really need a spare battery? If the budget is tight, the OEM charger cord charges just as well as the cradle, too. I admit that cradle is nice, but I'm not sure it's really a necessity.

    Perhaps the best way to save money is to redefine "need."?

    (No flame or criticism intended. Just suggesting some alternatives if the budget is really that tight.)
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    I suggest you search ebay. I bought an aftermarket sync/charge cradle w/power supply when the P1s were out of stock that works fine. The same one I bought for $40 is now selling for $20. The same seller probably has battery, car charger, and stereo adapter available also.
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    I got an aftermarket cradle, car charger and travel charger on ebay for $16 shipped.
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    $16 bucks for all that's a great deal. Mind if we ask the seller's ID in case he has more bundles for the same price?
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    can we get a link on that $16 for the ebay sweet deal please?

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