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    Need some clarification please... It appears that the desktop application does not synch with the SIM card, correct? (which would be a good thing) So it seems that for every contact I want on the SIM I have to manually "export" it from the contact list to the SIM, and then under preferences I would uncheck the show SIM phonebook in order to eliminate seeing duplicates. So far so good....

    What I'm trying to figure out is what's the best way to manage my contact list between the desktop & the 650 as well as having my contacts on a SIM. That way, if I need to use another phone I have that data available on the SIM. Did I miss a command on the 650 to that does a mass duplication or do I have to do it one entry at a time?

    And why is it when scrolling through the contact list on the 650, at the bottom of the screen some of the entries show a "Message" button in addition to the Cancel & New Contact buttons. Is there some sort of automatic or default association? I see nothing to enable or disable that. What does it do? I assume it's for text messages? I'm not seeing anything in the manual on it, not yet at least...

    One last question while I'm working with contacts. I know I can set an entry as Private, and then in security I can hide or mask all my private contacts, but is there a way I can hide an entire catagory? that would be easier (for me) than hiding individual contacts. Also.. the manual doesn't differenciate between hide & mask and I'm not seeing that here in the forums... what's the difference?


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    I'm a Palm guy, so I tend to dislike the SIM book anyway. I completely understand your viewpoint, but will never use that SIM phonebook. Of course, if you had the old visorPhone, it would mass duplicate for you.

    So far, what you have said is true. These are the current options (sorry). 3rd party apps will be your only way out of these desires.
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