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    I upgraded from a Treo 600 to a 650. Since then, I am not able to get Intellisynch for MSN to update at all. I have worked with both MSN and Intellisynch on this problem but no solution. Its been over a month and I do use this app when it works. Has anybody had this problem or know of a potential solution/work around?
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    No guarantees, but I have had this problem before, although i was synching to Lotus Notes, not MSN, so not sure if this applies. I fixed it by going to the C:\Program Files\Pumatech\Intellisync directory and creating a new folder called OLD, then moving the directory that had my hotsynch name into the OLD directory (In other words, I removed the directory corresponding to my intellisynch profile). Next hotsynch, I had to recreate my profile and all was well....GOOD LUCK!

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