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    I have had my 650 since December and suddenly it decided it can't sync my contacts and datebook anymore. I added no new software when it happened. I run Mac osx Panther --I have tried using Palm desktop--Isync and Markspace missing sync--no luck--I have run the db scan app on my palm and there are no issues--does any one have any ideas as to how to get the info off of my treo (which is backed up just fine by backup buddy) to a computers so I can begin syncing again. I am stumped. Listed below are the softwares I have on my phone.

    Agendus pro
    DB Scan
    Fly Zip
    Clean Uninstaller
    Backup Buddy
    Call Notes
    Hold Em
    Loan Ex
    Pocket Quicken
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    Try changing where the conduit synchs to if you are using Outlook. Have it change back to Palm Desktop, and then after a good synch, return it.

    Use a variation of this if it isn't exactly what you have for an environment.
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    Check the contacts on both your cable and treo
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    I have tried bluetooth and cable and the same thing happens each time. I tried deleting unsaved preferences and syncing, but it still crashes the palm. When I try resorting the contacts in contacts preferences it crashes. I do not want to lose all the info on my palm for the last 3 weeks since I did a complete back up--any ideas at all?????
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    Does you treo crach during or after the hotsync?
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    My desktop stalls out and the treo crashes at the same time!
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    I have the same problem.
    I got a nrew computer and installed palm desktop. Now when I try to sync, it just freezes on contacts forever. I did a hard reset and then the phoen would sync (no data on computer, clean install of palm desktop) so I know the problem is not the desktop. I then restored my handheld from my SD card and again it is freezing when trying to sync contacts.
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    Does anyone here do SEARCHES. There have been numerous threads dealing with this. The problem is a corrupt contact. Do a search for corrupt contact as I am tired of explaining how to fix it!

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