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    The new version of Voice Dial.prc is only 2/3 of the last version's size and reportedly eliminates the numerous created files which had the thing growing from 1 to 2 MB and larger. Haven't used it long enough to comment on how far or even if it "grows"

    Now Called: Treo Voice Dialing by Voive Signal v 2.0
    Version: OIK 1909
    Build 1.1.01

    Again, the prc file is only 2/3 of the size of the original but once installed is a bit least PowerRun reports it as 1.5 MB . When I first installed it, it was 1.0 MB (original version) but soon grew to 2.0 MB so ..... so far I am seeing a 0.5 MB memory recovery. FileZ reports the file size as 1.1 MB with a 9.5 k for the 68k file.

    All those similarly named long named files are gone and there are new associated files called:

    elvis_enus_nl.dat 375k
    enroll_idx.dat 3k
    vr_version.vst 3k
    vre_cn.dat 3k
    vst_param.sys 3k

    I imagine the first is based upon the size of my contact database.
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    How do you like it compared to the previous version?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Longstrider
    How do you like it compared to the previous version?
    I haven't really sued it yet as I have been in office all day....ask em thing I do like is chick's voice got louder and I did never find a way to adjust it. There's an option to adjust the voice for names and numbers but not system commands like when it says "say a command".

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