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    I'm planning to purchase a Treo 650 and sync it to Exchange 2003 with Versamail 3.0 using ActiveSync. However, it's very important to me that I sync only email, and keep the Treo calendar separate from my Exchange/Outlook calendar since my work schedule is very different from my personal schedule.

    Does anyone know whether this is possible?

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    There is no setting for this in the UI. You may be able to hack it to provide a solution using the AirSAM application and resetting/deleting the sync key, but I'm not going to try it to test it. Obviously palm didn't exactly intend for it to be done.

    Note, though, that you could alternatively do two other things. You could a) use IMAP to connect to Exchange through VersaMail and avoid activesync altogether or b) use activesync as desired, but use a 3rd party (and generally far superior) contact manager that uses a separate database.
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    I wonder if you kept the Palm Desktop as your PIM and tried to sync you calendar with it instead of Outlook would work.
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    ptyork & genede,

    Thanks for the information! I ordered my Treo 650 on should arrive tomorrow.

    Based on lots additional research since my last post (much of it on this forum), I've decided to begin using Cingular's Express Mail Personal Edition redirector (made by Seven), since this program will allow me to combine reliable corporate email with the ability to attach documents from my corporate network (I've already set this up and it works great on the Xpress Web Access) and e-mail them to my corporate contacts, which are not stored on my palm address book. Xpress will also allow me to keep my palm address book and date book completely separate from my exchange/outlook contacts list and calendar, which is very important because my personal life and work life are very distinct with not a lot of overlap except on my 9-5 calendar . Since the Xpress mail calendar is read-only, I plan to use Blazer or Xiino with the Xpress mail Web Access website (or possibly Outlook Mobile Access) whenever I need to add new appointments to my exchange calendar remotely, which isn't very often.

    For times when I need power email functions, I plan to use Chatter. Chatter will let me search subfolders, do filtered/archive searches, and get real-time email alerts, among other things. I may decide that I like Chatter better than Xpress (or visa versa) and use that program most of the time, but I imagine that in the end I'll need both programs from time to time because neither of them completely meets my needs.

    Thanks everyone for the great posts, from which I've learned a great deal.

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