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    Following upgrade of my Sprint T650 software (?1.23) the Jabra 250 would automatically be activated when making outgoing calls. Since that time I did a reset by replacing the battery (accidentally dropped handset). Now when I make a call, I have to press the connect button on the headset after dialing or the handset speaker remains active. Is there a setting I need to adjust so that the headset is automaticly active on outgoing calls? Thanks for the help.
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    I think you need to pair the 250 using the Handsfree profile instead of the Headset profile for it to work that way. Can't remember how to do that though - it's in the Jabra docs. The Handsfree profile also gives you last-number redial and a couple of other functions as well.
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    I paired using the handsfree option on the T650. I look for the Jabra docs tonight. Thanks.

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